About Us
Solicy is a fast-growing company providing Blockchain and Software solutions to customers from around the globe. In an industry as rapidly changing as ours, the urge to explore new horizons drives us as professionals and as a team. We believe old problems require new solutions: more effective, more dynamic, and more exciting. We have built over 20 trustworthy projects, each magnifying the innovation environment.
Excellence Is What We Aim For
We fiercely climb the growth ladder to generate more value for the world. Solicy emphasizes employing the most advanced technologies to surpass any expectations our clients might have. To provide the highest quality services, we continue to learn, aspire, and achieve new professional milestones.

Fluent in Development

Our Mission

Nurturing a collaborative and people-focused culture, our goal is to translate brands into powerful digital stories.

We aim to inhale the benefits of blockchain and software technologies into our client's business ambitions.

Our Values
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Our primary focus goes on providing high-quality services. We take the best technological advancement has to offer to build effective solutions.
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Fast delivery
We know a thing or two about fast delivery. We solve even the most complex issues in a comparably short time.
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Oh, we enjoy our work; every second of it brings us joy. Perhaps that’s why we are good at what we do.
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We care about people: not just our clients, but all of the stakeholders a project might have. We put people's safety and well-being first. Our priority for those individuals is unprecedented.
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Our team employs strict integrity policies: intellectual property protection, non-disclosure rules, and a no-cheating code are of great significance to us.
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In this evolving industry, we try to keep up. Learning is key to many doors, and we aim to open a lot of those.
Our Partners
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