About Us
Solicy is a blockchain and software solutions company. We offer a wide range of services and are specialized in blockchain and software development. Solicy is partnering with companies from all around the world and our team of professionals works closely despite the geographic distances and time zones. Due to our hard work our company is among the fast-growing companies
We Strive For Excellence
Solicy uses the latest technologies to meet our client’s needs, becoming highly competitive with leading companies from all around the world. Our team of professionals works hard to achieve excellence in the software and blockchain development industry. Solicy uses blockchain platforms for development, including Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, Cardano, and more per need. We work day and night to deliver the best quality services in the shortest amount of time
Our Values
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Due to our working high speed, our team of professionals provides the best and most innovative solutions in the shortest amount of time possible
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Using innovative technologies is one of the keys of our successful solutions We easily adapt to new features in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world
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Solicy team is hard working and always strives to find the best innovative solutions for your issues despite the complications
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Solicy knows how to combine hard work with fun, therefore we integrate memes into our daily lives and make the working atmosphere more exciting
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