Blockchain Development
With the high demand of blockchain development services in the market, Solicy keeps up with recent updates and provides numerous services. We are proficient in this field and offer services from decentralized exchange (DEX) development to NFT marketplace We use leading blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot
Tech Stack
Our Services
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
Solicy will create reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms to enable fast and secure transactions on top blockchains
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Solicy is well-versed on providing secure cryptocurrency wallet development services for any platforms and currencies. Our experts will create and integrate your crypto wallet on different trading or investment platforms using the best technologies
Smart Contract Development
Our developers are ready to implement your business logic inside the Smart Contract. Our deep expertise in Solidity and other blockchain-compatible programming languages, allow us to build highly customizable digital contracts that will fit the needs of your business
NFT Development
Solicy will give the best NFT Marketplace development practices for your business. With our strong foundation in Decentralized Apps and the latest blockchain technologies, we help businesses to build NFT Marketplaces where users can bid, sell, and trade NFTs. Furthermore, the built-in smart contract in the marketplace enables the execution of all conditions.
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